The coronavirus virus dominated life in 2020. It literally forced the world to stop and led to a seismic change in life as we know it. We are just beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel as vaccination efforts lead to the resumption of a sort of normalcy, but imagine if all of what 2020 was could have been avoided. 

Imagine if someone hid a warning about 2020’s coronavirus in a song released in 2013. Some tweeps believe that an artist named Dr. Creep predicted that coronavirus would ravage the world in 2020 in his 2013 song Pandemic

Dr. Creep’s 2013 song Pandemic seems to predict coronavirus in 2013

In 2013, Dr. Creep featured Lone Ninja in the song Pandemic. The song mentioned viral pandemics faced by the world in the past, including smallpox.

It also mentioned 2020 and coronavirus. “2020 combined with coronavirus, bodies stacking,” the line read. Coronavirus caused its fair share of death, with the number of deaths at times overwhelming medical facilities.

Dr. Creep also wrote: “I remain in a gas masks.” To stem the spread of coronavirus, medical experts recommended the wearing of masks.

Coincidence? Some internet users think not.

Dr. Creep denied that he had any knowledge of coronavirus spreading in 2020

You can listen to Dr. Creep’s pandemic on the Blaq Masq YouTube channel. Below the video is a denial by Dr. Creep that he knew the anything about 2020’s coronavirus.

Dr. Creep initially released the statement on Facebook after fans started connecting his song to the virus. The rapper states that he rapped about coronavirus because it was a topic of discussion at the time. He adds:

“As for mentioning 2020, well 2020-2030 was just significant years to me, as well as many other people that are educated on these esoteric topics. To me, the lyrics are just more of a coincidence than a prediction as I don’t feel I was ‘trying’ to predict anything. But call it a prediction, dumb luck, coincidence, remote viewing, predictive programming (lmao) or whatever you want.”