It’s not uncommon for one to find obscure phrases on TikTok that seem to have no meaning. One such phrase is chupapi munyanyo. The phrase popped up in late 2020 and set off a TikTok prank craze, but nobody appeared to know what it meant, even the ever-dependable Urban Dictionary. 

“A phrase that means nothing,” the explanation on Urban Dictionary read. “It’s just a phrase that became a trend before the end of freaking 2020.” We are closing in on mid-2021, and chupapi munyanyo is still trending. Keep reading to find out the potential meaning behind chupapi munyanyo on TikTok. 

The phrase reportedly translates to suck a big c*ck daddy

It is unclear who came up with the chupapi munyanyo trend, but TikTok user @jaykindafunny8 seems to have made the phrase part of his brand. The user has earned millions of followers thanks to chupapi munyanyo videos.

The chupapi munyanyo prank involves sneaking up to a person and startling them by saying chupapi munyanyo. TikTokers have participated in the trend without knowing the meaning behind the words, but once they learn what chupapi munyanyo means, they might think twice before creating another video.

“The word ‘chupa’ derived from the Spanish word that means ‘to suck a d*ck,’ says Urban Dictionary. “While ‘papi’ means ‘father of papa’ and ‘munyanyo’ means ‘come on.’ So it literally means, when you say ‘Chupapi munyanyo’ is ‘suck my d*ck papa, oh! Come on!’”

Startled? So were we. Knowing this, you should take care when using the phrase; someone might take offence.