Christian Keyes, an actor famous for starring in All the Queen’s Men, recently opened up about being a victim of sexual assault. Keyes didn’t expose his abuser, only referring to him as a ‘powerful man’. “This person was sexually harassing me for years,” Keyes said. “I’ve done my best to forgive this person, but it happens. It happens.”

Christian Keyes is not married; he has a son named Christian Keyes Jr

Christian Keyes is not married or dating. He has been linked to several women, including Raman Kang and Baje Fletcher. The secretive actor appears single. 

Keyes has a son, Christian Keyes Jr., who recently joined The Army. On March 18, 2022, Keyes posted a video on Instagram explaining how he was supporting Keyes Jr. He captioned the video:

“I made a promise to my son, #TheSequel when he joined the Army and went away to Boot Camp last week. As a way to stand in solidarity with him, I would start the #BootCampChallenge the day he went away. And for the next 10 weeks, I would work-out hard, at least six days a week. If he can do it, I can too.”