Chloe Mills and her adoptive mom, Donna Mills, share a tight bond. In July 2022, the younger Mills accompanied Donna to the Nope U.K. premiere. Donna posted Instagram photos of the event, thanking Jordan Peele for casting her in the film and Chloe for being her date for the event. 

The identity of Chloe Mills’ biological parents is unclear

Chloe Mills was four days old when Donna Mills adopted her in September 1994. The identity of her biological parents is a mystery. 

Donna, who was 54 when she became Chloe’s mother, told People that she ignored claims that she was too old to raise a toddler. “People said, ‘You’re going to be so old [to] have a little toddler running around.’ I never felt that. I never felt older than the other mothers who were probably in their 20s,” Donna said. 

Donna took an 18-year break from acting to raise Chloe. “Well, the first couple of years, I did work,” Donna explained. “I did some movies for television and stuff like that, because I could take her wherever I went. But then when she started school, I wasn’t going to go out of town for two months at a time. And I didn’t become a mother to give her to a nanny.”

The Knots Landing star said she and Chloe talk or text daily and meet at least once weekly. It’s unclear if Chloe wishes to become an actor, emulating her mother. In a January 2009 interview with Palm Springs Life, Donna revealed that Chloe’s interest was modeling. 

“She talks about modeling,” Donna said. “I told her to go for it until she is 22, then quit with a nice nest egg.” Chloe, 28, is a model, as demonstrated by the many modeling photos on her Instagram page. 

She recently posted a photo featuring Playboy’s bunny logo in the background, hinting at a collaboration with the famous magazine. Donna modeled for Playboy, appearing in the October 1987 and November 1989 editions of Playboy.