Casey DeSantis is considered Ron DeSantis’ secret weapon in his not-so-secret bid to become President of the United States. Ron convincingly won a second term as the Governor of Florida and has his sights set on the top job, putting him on a potential collision course with former president Donald Trump. 

Florida’s first lady, Casey, looked stunning in a flowing golden gown as she appeared onstage alongside her husband and children to celebrate his victory. Peter Schorch, the publisher of Florida Politics, told The New York Post:

“We should be celebrating that radiance of an individual who has a history of appearing in front of a crowd with her family and understands how to engage the media in an age of models and the Kardashians.”

Casey is American and has kept the details about her family secret

Jill Casey Black was born on 26th June 1980 in Troy, Ohio. She is American and has kept the details about her family secret. 

According to her bio, Casey grew up riding horses and is a three-time National Champion equestrian. At the College of Charleston, she majored in economics and minored in French while competing in the NCAA division. 

DeSantis told 850 Business Magazine that her days as an equestrian are long gone. She explained:

“I hung up those stirrups a long time ago. It was fun to do while growing up, but now I’m of the mind that when much is given, much is expected, so I go back to that role of service and doing what I can to support the people of this state. There’s some time here, and I want to maximize that. So no horses in the backyard for now.”