Can You Keep a Secret? is an independent film based on a Sophie Kinsella novel with the same name. The film features stars such as Tyler Hoechlin and Alexandra Daddario. It was released in theatres on 13th September 2019.

The film follows the professional life of Emma (Daddario) as she tries to make it in the business world. However, her efforts to land a major client and a major promotion end in disaster. Her troubles continue when her flight back home hits some major turbulence.

Believing that the plane will crash, Emma decides to reveal her secrets to a stranger (Hoechlin) seated next to her. Fortunately – or unfortunately for Emma – the plane lands safely. She runs away from the stranger, believing that they will never cross paths again.

To her surprise, the perfect stranger on the flight turns out to be her boss. This signals the start of Emma and Jack’s romantic journey. It’s not an easy romance because Emma holds a secret about Jack that he wouldn’t want the world to know about.

The film offers a rich blend of drama, comedy, and romance. Hoechlin and Daddario deliver exceptional performances that make the film really enjoyable.

Will Can You Keep a Secret? be Coming to Netflix?

This is a film that you simply must watch, and you probably want to know whether it will be available on Netflix.

Can You Keep a Secret? is an independent film, and this is good news for Netflix subscribers. Netflix is a major distributor for independent films, and it’s very likely that Can You Keep a Secret? will feature on Netflix.

It usually takes a few weeks for an indie film to appear on Netflix. It means that Can You Keep a Secret? will likely appear in around late October or early November.

Netflix has received plaudits for the role it has played in promoting indie films. Independent films such as Under The Skin, The Spectacular Now, and Wind River are on Netflix.

Similar films available on Netflix.

At the moment, Can You Keep a Secret? is only available in cinemas and on-demand. However, there are several similar rom coms on Netflix to keep you occupied. You can check out the following films;

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