After a long wait, the fourth installment of La Casa de Papel is on Netflix. The gripping Netflix drama has some pretty popular characters, including The Professor, Nairobi, and the show’s narrator, Tokyo. The gorgeous Ursula Corbero plays the role of Tokyo. Ursula’s role in La Casa de Papel earned her global recognition, but she was already a famous actor in Spain before Money Heist came along.

Ursula made her acting breakthrough when she played the role of Ruth Gomez in the Spanish hit series Fisica o Quimica between 2008 and 2010. Since then, Ursula has been acting almost full-time. Ursula’s love interest in La Casa de Papel is Rio (Anibal Cortez). This article will look at Ursula’s relationship history in real life.

She is currently dating Argentine actor Chino Darin

Chino Darin and Ursula Corbero
Juan Naharro Gimenez/WireImage

Ursula and Chino met on the set of the series La Embajada, and they hit it off. Chino Darin is the son of the famous Argentine actor and writer Ricardo Darin. They have been together since 2016, and their relationship seems stable. Chino talked to elPeriodico about what surprised him most about Ursula when they started dating:

“To me, the energy that Ursula has, especially to face bad moments or things that she does not like… she has that internal fire, a spark that can do anything. It lifts everyone’s spirits. It is one of her dazzling aspects. And then there is her versatility as an actress and her professionalism. She is a wonderful woman.”

Despite their busy schedules, Ursula and Chino try as much as possible to make time for each other. It’s one of the reasons why the couple has such a healthy relationship. Darin continued:

“We understand each other with a look. That is what happens when you start getting to know someone and you get along well. We are buddies, we enjoy doing things together. Whatever we do together, I enjoy it.”

She was in a relationship with Spanish model Andres Velencoso

Andres and Ursula started dating shortly after he split from Kylie Minogue in October 2013. The couple denied for a while that they were together, but they couldn’t deny it any longer after they spent New Year’s 2014 together in Spain.

For the next couple of years, Ursula and Andres were inseparable. They attended numerous events, and award shows together. The couple split up in 2015, but they didn’t provide the reasons as to why they broke up.

She was rumored to be in a relationship with Physics or Chemistry co-star Maxi Iglesias

Maxi Iglesias and Ursula Corbero

Ursula and Maxi were rumored to be in a relationship when she made comments that suggested that most of the stars in Physics or Chemistry were in relationships. She later made it clear that people misinterpreted her remarks, but rumors about herself and Maxi dating didn’t stop circulating.

The rumors intensified after they were both cast to play roles in La Embajada. In an interview with Diez Minutos, Maxi seemed to suggest that he and Ursula were nothing more than professional colleagues. He said:

“So we are treating it in a much more adult way than our characters in Physics and Chemistry… You have already gone to the kisses, that no yet (laughs). Obviously we know each other, Ursula and I have kissed a lot, we talked about it the other day: it is something that is there and that we have to use on our favor to achieve maximum complicity in certain scenes.”

She dated Israel Rodriguez and Feliciano Lopez early on in her career

Ursula and fellow actor Israel Rodriguez started dating in 2008. They both played roles in Physics or Chemistry. The couple dated for two years.

Corbero started dating tennis player Feliciano Lopez in late 2011. The couple had a brief public romance, which lasted only five months.