Boom Pacino, a respected New York rapper, passed away in early February 2023. He performed alongside Rakim and Gucci Mane and released popular albums like Street is MineHeaven, and Draft Day

Boom’s music gave him his big break, but he was most famous for his work on the web series Respect Life. Boom P wrote, directed, and starred in the series, which fans claimed was good enough to appear on Netflix. 

Cinematic Cartel confirmed Boom’s death via Facebook, writing: “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be featured on your gift. You gave me nothing but advice on filming a web series. Fly High.”

Boom Pacino reportedly died of a ‘suspected overdose’

The Sun reports that Boom died of a ‘suspected overdose’. However, authorities haven’t released Boom Pacino’s official cause of death. 

Tributes have poured in from fans who adored Boom and collaborators who worked with him. @FleeGz187 tweeted:

“Smh, I can’t believe it. Sleep easy @boompacino If you don’t know how he is, check out Respect Life on YouTube. A rapper, but you can see his screenwriting and production skills were something that made his web series stand out amongst his peers! Gone too soon.”