I think we can all agree that Saul Goodman is one hell of a lawyer. He deals with some dangerous people, but he always comes out of it alive and well. Saul and his criminal practice returns for a fourth season in Better Call Saul.

Why do we love Better Call Saul?

Better Call Saul is a Breaking Bad prequel based on Saul Goodman’s legal practice. Saul is a brilliant lawyer, but he doesn’t care much about rules. His attitude puts him at war with his more conservative colleagues, but it also makes him the perfect lawyer for criminals looking for a lawyer to facilitate their criminal activities.

Saul starts the show as a small-time lawyer known as Jimmy McGill. Jimmy takes care of his hypersensitive brother (Chuck McGill) as he tries to establish himself in the legal industry. Chuck’s condition makes him physically ill when he’s in the vicinity of an electromagnetic gadget. It forces him to leave his firm to deal with his condition at home.

We love Better Caul Saul because it tells an incredible story, and it’s another demonstration of Vince Gilligan’s brilliance. Better Call Saul gives us a feel of how things were before Breaking Bad. Bob Odenkirk’s (Saul Goodman) acting performances are also incredibly top-notch.

When to expect Better Call Saul Season 4 on Netflix

Season 4 of Better Call Saul originally premiered on 6th August 2018, and the season finale aired on 8th October 2018. Netflix subscribers outside the US received episodes of the show a day after they aired on AMC.

Netflix US subscribers have had to wait a long time for Better Call Saul season 4, but it has been confirmed that the show will be available on Netflix US on 9th February 2020.

What to expect in Better Call Saul Season 4

Season 4 will probably continue from where season 3 ended. We are set to learn more about Gus Fring’s drug operation. You might also remember that Jimmy and Chuck’s relationship got very frosty in season 3.

The season ended with Chick’s house engulfed in flames. We will get to see whether Chuck is hurt and other effects of that fire.