Babylon Berlin is a German hit series based on novels written by Volker Kutscher. The series is set during the time of Weimar Germany. Babylon Berlin is the most expensive non-English show ever, and it quickly became a big hit after it was released in the UK and Germany.

Babylon Berlin is about a police commissioner who returns to Berlin to curb rising crime. The series also focuses on German politics and the tensions in the country after the First World War. Season 2 of the show ended on a major cliff-hanger, and you will be happy to learn that season 3 is just around the corner. This piece will provide you with all the details about Babylon Berlin season 3.

When will Netflix release Babylon Berlin season 3?

Netflix will release Babylon Berlin season three in Canada, Australia, and the USA on 1st March 2020. The first two episodes aired on 24th January 2020 in Germany. The new season is set to have 12 episodes.

Viewers in the UK will most likely stream Babylon Berlin on Sky’s NOW TV streaming service.

What happened in Babylon Berlin season 2?

The events of season 2 culminated in us finding out that the gold in the mystery train was painted coal, and that the actual gold was the train itself. Everybody wanted the train, but it eventually ended up back in the Soviet Union. In the course of all the fracas, the Armenians took out the Nazis.

Season 2 also revealed that, against all odds, Fritz was alive. It turned out that Fritz’s death was framed to give Greta the incentive to murder her employer. Greta felt the full force of Fritz’s betrayal when she saw him wearing a Reichswehr uniform rather than a socialist cap.

However, the series didn’t make it clear which group wanted to kill Benda. Nevertheless, Benda had to be dealt with as he was a problem for every side. There was a heart in mouth moment at the end when we saw Ritter drowning. However, at the last moment, Gereon managed to pull her out of the wreck of the sinking car.

The events of season 2 also led to doubts about Gereon. He betrayed the socialists when he gave false testimony, and it led to questions about his loyalty. Perhaps the biggest reveal of season 2 was that Dr. Schmidt was Gereon’s brother Anno. It was revealed that Gereon left Anno to die on the battlefield rather than try to save him. Anno then survived and came back as the mysterious doctor.

What to expect in Babylon Berlin season 3

The series will again introduce us to Ritter and Rath, and their secrets. Ritter turns to prostitution at night to subsidize her family while Rath struggles with PTSD and a complicated love life. Season 3 will be set several weeks before the famous collapse of Wall Street.

We will see a rapidly changing Berlin in terms of culture, economy, and politics. The young republic will show signs of crumbling, and as if anticipating a major collapse, the cities inhabitants will engage in reckless drinking and drug orgies. All the while, the Nazis will continue lurking in the shadows waiting to pick up what is left after the republic crumbles.

However, the show will most likely let Nazism burn in the background rather than make it the main story of season 3. Most narratives about Germany from this period have been told from the Nazi perspective, but Babylon Berlin shows us different perspective, and that is part of the reason why the show is so widely loved.

In season 3, Rath and Ritter will be assigned to investigate the on-set death of an actor. The masked killer will unleash terror on the characters, and he will prove to be a difficult assignment for our leading pair.