Khalid Al Ameri and Salama Mohamed are one of the most successful couples on YouTube. They have attracted millions of followers over the years with their satirical content. However, they seem to have taken different paths over the past year, fueling speculation that they are no longer married. 

Internet rumors claim that Khalid and Salama divorced

Viral rumors on the internet suggest that Khalid and Salama divorced. A commenter on a thread started on the r/InstaCelebsGossip Reddit channel by a user who asked why the couple no longer make videos together alleges that Khalid and Salama ‘divorced ages ago’. The internet user claims they were neighbors with Khalid and Salama. 

The couple hasn’t addressed the speculation about their alleged breakup. However, in a 2018 Facebook video titled ‘How we didn’t divorce’, the couple said they would consider separation if all attempts to save their marriage failed. Khalid said:

“We made a promise on that day that we were going to do our best to change; to make this work. And that if it didn’t, we would both be at peace going our separate ways, knowing that we gave this marriage everything that we had.”

In an early March 2024 appearance on the Hikmat Webhi podcast, Salama talked about happiness, saying that though her children make her happy, she is her main source of joy and contentment. Interestingly, Salama didn’t mention her marriage or Khalid, fueling rumors of the couple’s alleged divorce.