Andrew Bazzi is an American singer and record producer who gained fame after his 2017 song Mine became part of a viral meme. Mine became a streaming success, topping several international charts and peaking at number 11 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Bazzi’s debut studio album, Cosmic, dropped in 2018 and peaked at number 14 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Renee Herbert is an Australian model signed with Next Models worldwide and Chadwick models. Together, Andrew and Bazzi formed one of the most recognizable couples on the internet.

This piece will look at the couple’s relationship. Andrew and Renee have reportedly broken up.

Bazzi and Renee are rumored to have broken up after unfollowing each other on Instagram

Bazzi and Renee Herbert

Everything looked fine between Bazzi and Renee as they took photos of their happy times together on New Year’s Eve. However, in mid-January 2021, fans noted that the couple had unfollowed each other on Instagram. Renee and her twin sister also posted a TikTok video captioned ‘tea.’ Bazzi then posted a video on his Instagram page captioned, ‘Will it ever feel the same?’

Renee and Bazzi are yet to confirm their breakup, but the evidence suggests that they are no longer dating. In April 2020, Bazzi celebrated the couple’s second anniversary by releasing a song titled Renee’s song. He then shared the following message via Twitter:

“I’m lucky you’ve put up with me for 2 years of it. All of my mistakes and insecurities and you still find a way to make me feel loved. You’re present… I made this song for you in Hawaii a few months back and have held onto it a bit for you. I hope this makes you feel special today… Thanks for putting up with me for two years, through everything – it’s been beautiful.”

Renee’s Song wasn’t the first song by Bazzi dedicated to his ex-girlfriend. In mid-2019, Bazzi released I.F.L.Y., an acronym for I Fucking Love You. The song became an instant hit, but Bazzi revealed that Renee didn’t like it because he mentioned her twin sister Elisha. Bazzi told E! News:

“Cause the line is, ‘God made you a twin and you’re the one I see, but shout-out to Elisha that’s my baby.’ I don’t know why she didn’t like that, but it’s meaning her sister is still my homie.”

Bazzi and Renee dated long-distance for a while but they spent most of the quarantine period together

Bazzi and Renee Herbert

Bazzi and Renee met in December 2017 and started dating several months later. In December 2019, Renee shared the following Instagram tribute to Bazzi: “Two years ago today I met you. There’s no one in the world like you, you fill my life with so much love and happiness. Love u best friend.”

Due to their careers, the couple dated long-distance for a long period. “We are in a long-distance relationship, so it is really tough to get time to see each other,” Bazzi told The Daily Telegraph. Bazzi also talked about the sacrifices he had to make to see Renee.

The coronavirus pandemic provided an opportunity for Bazzi and Renee to spend time together during the quarantine period. Everything appeared to be fine with the couple as 2020 wound down, but something unknown seemed to break up the pair in early 2021. Hopefully, Bazzi or Renee will shed more light on their separation.