There is something beautiful about a book coming to life on television, especially an inspiring book like Anne of Green Gables. Anne with an E is based on that book, and even though the film doesn’t follow the book accurately, it still portrays all the emotions and adventures of the orphan girl from Green Gables.

There are currently 2 seasons of Anne with an E on Netflix, and a 3rd season is on the horizon. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about Anne With an E season 3.

When will Netflix release Anne with an E season 3?

It has been announced that the show will return for its final season on Netflix on 3rd January 2020. Anne with an E is a Canadian series, and Netflix only deals with international distribution. The show airs on CBC before appearing on Netflix.

The official release date for season 3 on CBC was 22nd September 2019. The season finale aired on 24th November 2019. Fans were hoping that the series would premiere on Netflix in 2019, but Netflix announced that it would arrive on 3rd January.

Sadly, Netflix also announced that Season 3 of Anne with an E would be the show’s last season. It’s sort of a premature end to a great series, and it is consistent with Netflix’s trend of ending shows after the 2nd or 3rd season. Season 3 will have the 10 episodes, as was the case in season 2.

Anne with an E season 2 recap

Anne with an E is based on the classic novel, Anne of Green Gables. It follows an outsider, Anne Shirley, as she tries to figure out life in the town of Avonlea. In the second season, Anne is as imaginative and kind as ever. She has managed to form a relationship with the girls, but with the boys, nothing has changed.

The only boy who seems to have a soft spot for Anne is the artistic Cole. He becomes the person to talk to whenever Anne needs a friend. Despite making new connections, Anne’s time at the asylum still haunts her. She concludes that she is too plain to be approached, and she decides to take matters into her own hands.

The main purpose of season 2 was to show how Anne has affected the lives of people around her. For instance, one of the robbers at the end of season looked to change his ways due to Anne’s kindness. Matthew and Marilla also took inspiration from Anne to move on from Michael’s death.
Avonlea’s aversion to the outside world was once again on show when Gilbert came back home with a black man. Both the adults and children found it difficult to deal with this new presence in their town.

What to expect in Anne with an E season 3

Season 2 of the show didn’t really end with any cliffhangers, and we can’t be sure about what to expect in season 3. However, we suspect that there will be a romance between Gilbert and Anne. In season 2, Anne announced that she wanted to become a teacher, and she mended her relationship with Gilbert.

Cole then revealed to her that Gilbert finds her attractive. She didn’t believe the news, but we hope that she will find romance with Gilbert. The show has released an official synopsis that introduces us to a 16-year-old Anne.

The synopsis reveals that Anne will desire to discover more about her birth parents and family history. However, her quest will worry Matthew and Marilla, who worry that Anne might want to leave Green Gables.