Andrew He plans to invest his Jeopardy! Masters winnings in an ice cream business. “There’ll be the usual suspects. You know, donation, but with what’s leftover, I would love to help my friend, Vincent, start an ice cream company,” Andrew told co-host Ken Jennings. Andrew refused to reveal his favorite ice cream flavor. 

Andrew He and his wife welcomed their first son, Everett, in 2023

In an episode of Jeopardy! Masters, Andrew revealed that he and his wife had recently welcomed their first son, Everett. 

Andrew has kept most details about his love life private. Therefore, the identity of his wife is unclear. 

However, a Reddit comment may have exposed Andrew’s wife’s name. The comment reads: “Congratulations, Andrew and Sara! Welcome, baby Everett!” If we are to believe the Redditor, Andrew’s wife is named Sara.