There is nothing quite as thrilling as a great horror show. Horror shows have a weird allure that keeps you glued to the screen. One of the best horror shows currently running is the American Horror Story. The show is written by Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy for FX.

Why we love American Horror Story

Each season of American Horror Story has a different storyline, and a different cast. Some of the storylines are inspired by true events. American Horror Story is a masterpiece because of the unique plots that we get to see each season.

The writers always seem to come up with compelling storylines. The title of each season coincides with the story being told. For instance, the second season is titled Asylum. The season revolves around the stories of patients and staff in a mental institution in Massachusetts.

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk never fail to deliver, and that is enough to get anyone hooked to the show. Another reason why we love American Horror Story is the cast. The producers always seem to make correct casting decisions for every season. There are some ‘permanent’ cast members such as Evan Peters, but most of the cast changes with every season.

When will American Horror Story Season 9 be on Netflix?

American Horror Story is one of the few remaining FX shows still available on Netflix. Ever since Disney acquired FX, it has been removing most of its shows from Netflix. The goal for Disney is to have these shows appear on their streaming platform Disney+.

Seasons of American Horror Story usually appear on Netflix in September. If Netflix maintains its current schedule, you can expect season nine in September 2020 on Netflix UK and US. Netflix subscribers in Australia will have to wait a bit longer before the title appears on Netflix.

It is unclear whether American Horror Story will remain on Netflix. Netflix has a deal with American Horror Story, but details about the deal are unknown. Disney has the right to decide where people can watch American Horror Story, and this threatens the availability of the show on Netflix.

What to expect in American Horror Story season 9

American Horror Story: 1984 will take us to Camp Redwood in 1984. Brooke Thompson settles there as she tries to escape the horrors of her encounter with serial killer Richard Ramirez. Right after she settles, a mentally ill killer, Mr. Jingles, escapes from a local insane asylum.

Mr. Jingles has a murderous history in Camp Redwood, and he plans to go back to continue from where he left off.