Brett Waterman is the star preservationist of DIY Network’s hit show, Restored. Waterman’s appreciation for history and architecture drives his desire to restore houses while retaining much of the original design. In the show, Waterman takes on neglected and poorly renovated houses and restores them to their former splendor.

Waterman is a much-loved character on the DIY Network. Covid-19 restrictions messed with the show’s programming, but season 4 debuted in late September. Waterman wrote on Twitter that it took a whole year to make the series and that fans should be excited for what’s in store.

This piece will look at Waterman’s career and his private personal life.

Brett’s father and grandfather fostered his desire to restore and renovate houses

Brett Waterman

Brett Waterman was raised in Southern California, but he spent a lot of time on the family farm in Oklahoma. He learned restoration from his father and grandfather. Waterman revealed on the podcast, Conversations with Kim, that the first building he wanted to restore was the local dairy:

“Some of my fondest memories go back to my childhood in Oklahoma when I would drive with my parents past a dairy on the way to my grandparent’s farm. Over my youth I remember watching it get more and more dilapidated and I would tell my parents – ‘Someday I am going to buy that dairy and restore it.’ – It really stuck with me and that was where my passion for preservation really began.”

Waterman studied political science and history at UCLA and later got into the corporate world. He restored houses in Southern California as a side job. He then got a serious offer to star in a television show, and despite having no prior TV experience, he consented to film Restored. The show’s success can be largely attributed to his hard work, passion, and architectural skill.

Brett’s fans and colleagues appreciate his enthusiasm and love for the job. Sara Zofko, an interior designer on Restored, had the following to say about Brett in an interview with

“Brett is extremely knowledgeable. I learn something new about architectural history and the history of California every time we work together. His enthusiasm is also very contagious.”

Brett is very secretive about his personal life and is yet to confirm his relationship status

Brett will talk ceaselessly about restoration and history, but he keeps mum when it comes to his personal life. Waterman rarely refers to his personal and love life during interviews and on the show.

He also posts nothing to do with his personal life on social media. Brett’s secrecy has even led to rumors that he might be gay.