Dr. Paul Nassif describes himself as the better-looking one on Botched, but we beg to differ. Nassif’s wife Brittany Pattakos and adorable little daughter Paulina Anne Nassif are way better looking. With Paul included, the Nassif family becomes even more photogenic. 

Paul’s marriage to Brittany represents his second marriage. The famous plastic surgeon was previously married to Adrienne Maloof in a union that ended after eleven years. He hopes that his current marriage to Brittany will last the entire course. If social media is anything to go by, Paul Nassif and his wife Brittany Nassif look very happy. Let’s take a closer look at Brittany Nassif.

She works in the medical profession

Brittany Pattakos was born on 3rd January 1991, and she is of Greek descent. Pattakos works in the medical profession as a CoolSculpting specialist. She also a medical assistant.

The young Greek beauty and Paul were first rumored to be dating in July 2017. The couple came under fire after news of the relationship came out, due to the 29-year age gap between them. However, the criticism fell on deaf ears, and the couple continued to date.

Nassif proposed to Brittany a few days before his birthday

Paul Nassif and Brittany Pattakos

Paul proposed to Brittany during a romantic boat ride 5 days before his 57th birthday. He proposed by putting up a big sign that asked Brittany to marry him. According to Page Six, Brittany didn’t initially understand what was going on. Paul told the publication;

“And I go, ‘Look!’ So she looks at the sign. She’s staring at it. And I’m looking at it. She goes – she doesn’t even read the words – she goes, ‘Why is your face up there?’ Basically like, ‘Where’s mine?’ And then she reads the words and I was down on my knees and I gave her the ring.”

Brittany eventually got the message, and she said yes. She posted a photo of the couple on Instagram after the proposal, and described it as the best day of her life.

The couple’s wedding reception happened in Santorini, Greece

Paul Nassif and Brittany Pattakos' wedding

Paul and Brittany got married on 28th September 2019 at St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church in LA in front of 70 guests. The couple then headed to Santorini, Greece, for the wedding reception. They chose that venue to celebrate their union and Pattakos’ roots.

Brittany told E! News after the wedding;

“To have so many loved ones is the greatest gift. The Greek people welcomed us with open arms and made us feel truly at home. The perfect weather and island made a spectacular backdrop for the moments we will cherish for the rest of our lives. This was the most exciting start to our marriage. We are so thrilled to share our lives together.”

Brittany looked stunning in her custom dress from Nektaria. The couple’s love seems to be going strong since the wedding. Brittany’s Instagram page is almost solely dedicated to pictures of herself alongside Paul.

Brittany has a great relationship with Paul’s children

Brittany Pattakos and Paul Nassif's children

Before marrying Pattakos, Paul was previously married to Adrienne Maloof. Paul and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star had 3 children during the course of their marriage: Gavin, Collin, and Christian. Paul and Adrienne engaged in a bitter custody battle during their split in 2012, but thanks to their sons, they now have a peaceful relationship. Paul told Radar Online;

“One thing that Adrienne and I have done, since time does really take care of things, our relationship now, especially because we have three beautiful boys, is actually quite good.”

Brittany and Paul’s boys have a great relationship, and they usually spend a lot of time together. Pattakos also has a good relationship with Adrienne. Paul told US Weekly that Adrienne congratulated the couple after they got married;

“We’re getting along very well, As a matter of fact, she congratulated us after we got married, and we just went to a little Halloween event at her house.”

Brittany and Paul aren’t looking to add to their family any time soon after welcoming their daughter Paulina

paul nassif wife and baby

Paul shared that he and Brittany were expecting a child via an ultrasound photo posted in April 2020. “I better get my diaper changing skills polished up,” Paul wrote. 

“It’s a girl,” Nassif announced via Instagram several months later. “My heart is racing! This is truly one of the best days of my life… I can’t wait to meet you, my baby girl.”  Speaking to E! News, Paul stated that he had a strong sense that the baby was a girl. “It was finally time to have a little girl,” Nassif added.

In October 2020, Paul and Brittany welcomed Paulina Anne Nassif into the world. “Paulina is already a living, breathing extension of our hearts and the love we have for her is absolutely unbelievable,” the couple said in a statement sent to People.

The pair’s fans can observe Paulina’s growth on the couple’s Instagram pages. “Thank you for bringing light into our world during such a tough year,” Paul wrote to Paulina on Valentine’s Day 2021. In May 2021, he told E! News that the next step for Paulina would be crawling as she’d learned to sit up without support. 

“She’s sitting up, she’s clapping a little bit, she loves staring at me,” Nassif shared. “She’ll focus on me, she’ll sit there and she’ll stare at me smiling and when that happens, my heart just goes, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe it!’”

If you were hoping for another adorable bundle of joy from Nassif and Brittany, you are going to be disappointed. At the moment, the couple isn’t looking to add to their brood. However, Nassif said that they aren’t ruling out more kids in the future: