Mike McDaniel is the Miami Dolphins’ new head coach. The former San Francisco 49ers offensive coach will look to turn the Dolphins into a regular in the playoffs. He has plenty of experience in the NFL with stints as an assistant coach for the Denver Broncos, Houston Texans. Atlanta Falcons, and Cleveland Browns. 

After a coach’s appointment, the following discussion revolves around their qualifications. However, after Mike’s selection, another discourse dominated social media: his race. Due to his appearance, some opine that Mike isn’t ‘black enough’ to be a minority hire. The NFL has failed in promoting inclusivity and diversity, but such interrogations into a person’s race only foster division. 

Mike and his wife, Katie Daniel, raise a young daughter

Mike McDaniel and Katie married in June 2014 in Ashburn, Virginia. 

The pair keep their personal lives private: they are not on social media. 

We got a glimpse of their young daughter via promo photos shared by the Dolphins showing Mike and his family aboard a private jet to South Florida

The spotlight on Katie will get brighter now that she’s a wife to an NFL head coach. We might get to learn more about Mike’s family as his stint with the Dolphins progresses.