Aileen Wuornos, the first identified serial killer in the United States, continues to fascinate audiences over three decades since her killing spree ended. Netflix’s 2022 production about her – Aileen Wuornos: American Boogeywoman – has proven to be immensely popular, featuring in top 10 lists in several Netflix regions. 

Wuornos robbed and killed men who she enticed with the promise of sex. Aileen claimed she killed the men in self-defense as they had either raped or attempted to rape her. Aileen was executed by lethal injection in October 2002 following 12 years on death row. 

Aileen’s marriage to Lewis Gratz Fell ended after he attacked him

Lewis Gratz Fell and Aileen Wuornos met in 1976. The wealthy president of a local yacht club fell for Aileen’s beauty and rushed to marry her. 

It was a marriage of convenience rather than love. The then 69-year-old Gratz wanted a young wife beside him, and Aileen saw opportunity and comfort in Fell’s wealth. 

Gratz learned about Aileen’s violent streak shortly after the local paper announced the nuptials. He then experienced Aileen’s violence first-hand when she grabbed his cane and struck him. 

Lewis survived the assault and immediately obtained a restraining order against Aileen. He also sought annulment of their marriage, which authorities granted in July 1976. Aileen and Lewis’ marriage lasted a meager nine weeks. 

Aileen and Lewis married before Aileen’s violence turned murderous. The two never reunited after their short-lived union. 

Lewis Gratz Fell passed in January 2000 with Aileen on death row. He reportedly died of natural causes.