Alexandra Moon is a TikTok creator whose story has shed light on the damaging effects of sex trafficking. Moon, whose bravery in the face of unimaginable tragedy is admirable, doesn’t hold back in her videos, telling and showing how sex trafficking has indelibly damaged her.

Moon is among the most outspoken victims of sex trafficking on the internet. Her stories have inspired others to speak about their abusive experiences. 

Moon’s sex trafficking story doesn’t involve kidnapping and international cartels, the type of trafficking often depicted in movies. She was allegedly trafficked by her ex-husband, a decorated military veteran. 

Moon will need surgery every 10-15 years to manage the effects of sexual abuse

On top of the psychological trauma of undergoing sexual abuse and sex trafficking, Alexandra Moon needs surgery every 10 to 15 years to manage the physical effects of the abuse. 

“After almost a year of medical appointments and testing, we found out that I have internal damage that will need to be fixed with three procedures, one of which is a hysterectomy,” Moon writes on her GoFundMe page

In an emotional video posted on 11th October 2022, Moon said she would need surgery to deal with rectocele, a condition caused by the weakening or tearing of the tissue that separates the rectum from the vagina. 

Moon said she thought the surgery would end her physical struggles. However, Moon said she learned that she would need surgery every decade or so due to the nature of the condition. Moon explained:

“Unfortunately, with this type of surgery, I’m going to need to go in about every 10-15 years to continue to refix my insides because this is not a forever fix. I thought that I was going to have this surgery and just be fixed and be done with it.”

The latest update from Alexandra Moon is that the surgical team had to postpone her surgery to ensure she doesn’t have rectal cancer. She writes on her GoFundMe page that her post-hysterectomy wish is to get breast enhancements:

“As a post hysterectomy wish, I would like to choose to get breast enhancements as one way of taking back my confidence and my body.”

Alexandra Moon said that the military launched an investigation into her ex-husband

Moon grew up in a military home and was introduced to her future husband, Ian Newland, when she was still a minor. Moon, then 18, ended up marrying Ian, who’s fifteen years her senior, in a ceremony attended by several witnesses. 

Moon said in an interview on We’re All Insane that she had romantic fantasies about her wedding night that didn’t come to fruition. She explained:

“Not only did we not come home and have a beautiful sexual encounter like I’d imagined for my wedding night, we got fucked up and had another pornathon.”

“By the time he finally did want me, his brand new wife, we had sexual relations for a minute and then he flipped me over and sodomized me and called me his little boy. On my fucking wedding night!”

The Urban Dictionary describes a pornathon as ‘watching porn for many hours straight.’ Moon accused her ex-husband of sexually abusing her, infidelity with men and women, and ‘loaning’ her out. Moon also said she was raped severally. 

For a long time, she kept the identity of her ex-husband secret. She eventually revealed his name: Ian Newland, who, according to his Instagram bio, is a wounded combat veteran and holds a Bronze Star for Valor. Newland says he battles PTSD. 

Moon revealed that the military had launched an investigation into her case and other alleged sex trafficking accusations against Ian Newland. 

She celebrated her birthday on 17th January 2023 and seems hopeful for the future. One blessing from her marriage to Newland was her child, who rarely appears in Moon’s posts.