Aileen Wuornos killed seven men in Florida in what she claimed was self-defense. She might have gotten away with it had her ex-girlfriend, Tyria Moore, not convinced her to confess. Netflix’s Catching Killers makes it appear that Tyria is the only person who ever loved Wuornos. 

In a rare turn of events, many viewers have sided with the serial killer. They view Aileen as failed by the system and worthy of compassion due to her extremely tough childhood. “There’s a lot of people out there who have had tough lives, but they don’t go on a killing spree,” Steven Binegar, an investigator on the case, said

It’s unclear whether Aileen’s son is still alive after she gave her up for adoption

Wuornos was only 14 when she got pregnant. One of her grandfather’s friends, a known pedophile, raped her and left her to figure out the pregnancy.

Aileen gave birth to her son at a home for unwed mothers on 23rd March 1971.

The adoption records are sealed, so we can’t find out the identity of the boy’s adoptive parents or where they settled. 

It’s unclear whether Aileen’s son knows the identity of his birth parents. With today’s technology and plenty of cash, one can find their long-lost relatives. One contributor on Quora writes:

“Of course in today’s world anyone has a conceivable shot of finding out their parents. Not everyone can catch a break though and some people never find their biological parents. There is no shame in trying and not succeeding. Sometimes it’s just not in the cards. Which might be a very good thing in some cases.”

According to the contributor, Aileen’s child might be better off not knowing his ancestry: “I hope the son of Aileen Wuornos doesn’t find out his parentage because it’s a pretty tragic story.”