Fans of titles such as Rick and Morty are familiar with the Adult Swim company. Adult Swim was created by Cartoon Network as a platform for adult-oriented programming. The company gained massive popularity before its launched as an independent entity in 2001. So, why is [adult swim] or [as] trending on TikTok?

Well, it has to do with an advertising campaign Adult Swim used in the past. The advertisements were random videos or photos featuring the writing [adult swim] or [as] at the end. These clips – referred to as bumpers or bumps – were massively popular and are making a comeback on TikTok.

TikTokers are making their own bumps over music produced by Vano 3000

Participating in the adult swim trend on TikTok is pretty easy. The success of Adult Swim’s ad campaign was based on the random nature of the videos they made. Therefore, you can participate in the trend with any kind of video.

However, it must feature the words [adult swim] or [as] at the end. You can let your creativity run wild with how you display the words [adult swim] or [as].

TikTok user Vano 3000 is responsible for coming up with the background music used in most videos. He has sampled BADBADNOTGOOD’s Time Moves Slow to come up with the tune. However, Vano 3000 is yet to release the track or give an official release date.

Vano has stated that the song, titled Running Away, will be out within a week. A short beat and loop of the song are available on YouTube.

Adult Swim has approved the use of their bumps idea on TikTok

Adult Swim has displayed its approval of the use of bumps by reposting some of the videos posted on TikTok.

The company loves that its idea has found a home on TikTok, and we are sure that Adult Swim doesn’t mind all the free advertisement its getting from TikTokers.