The desire to become a trending topic on the internet has seen content creators push ideas to the extreme. Gone are the days when the most shocking thing you would find on the internet was an elaborate prank. Most of the stunts on social media are scripted, but the most bizarre ones are unscripted.

One of the latest internet sensations involves a TikToker known as Indigo Raptor. They are reportedly aged between 10 and 14, and word on the web has it that they committed suicide live on TikTok.

This piece will look detail everything we know about Indigo Raptor’s death.

Internet sleuths are searching for the video of Indigo Raptor’s alleged suicide

It is important to note that, at the moment, Indigo Raptor’s death is only a rumor. Some internet users claim that they saw Indigo commit suicide during a live stream.

Raptor is known on the internet for their alter ego: They usually wear a dinosaur mask and sometimes have painted fingernails. Their true age is unclear, but most reports indicate that they are aged between 10 and 14.

Tributes flooded Indigo’s page after his reported suicide before his page was taken down. You will find a TikTok handle titled @indigo_raptor, but it is owned by another TikTok user.

There exists little credible evidence to support the rumor that Indigo committed suicide on camera or whether they are dead at all. If a video of his alleged suicide exists, internet detectives will find it. Without credible evidence, however, Indigo Raptor’s death will remain a rumor.

Indigo reportedly committed suicide after users insulted him during a live stream

Raptor reportedly suffered a lot at the hands of internet bullies. It is alleged that he committed suicide because he couldn’t deal with the hateful comments posted during his live stream.

People have accused the ‘Hamster Cult’ group and ‘The Boys’ of driving Indigo to self-harm, but such rumors are unsubstantiated.

It is difficult to draw conclusions about Indigo’s reported suicide with no credible information available. We will keep our eyes peeled and let you in on any developments.