The trailer for What Happened at 625 River Road has finally arrived, increasing fan anticipation about the film’s premiere in July 2022. What Happened at 625 River Road’s team has been on marketing overdrive, filling social media with the film’s posters and encouraging prospective viewers to register on its website. 

Its editor, Devon ‘Jovi’ Johnson, wrote on Reddit in late December 2021 that he’d been editing the film for over a year, ‘deciding what’s the best way to market the film.’ It’s his first film, and based on the reaction to the trailer, it’s set to be a successful directorial debut. 

The film is marketed as a true story, but there’s no evidence that the events in the movie happened

Written in red-colored caps on the film’s poster are the words ‘BASED ON TRUE EVENTS.’ 

The synopsis claims that the movie is ‘based on one of the most mysterious and horrific unsolved crimes ever recorded.’ Allegedly, two college students on a Spring Break trip ‘encountered a chain of terrifying events on May 11th, 2015 at 625 River Road in Schenectady, New York.’

The trailer gives us a hint of the horrors that the film’s main characters will endure, including mysterious faceless figures emerging from the shadows. The trailer also promises a harrowing 911 call from one of the film’s stars.

We believe that the filmmakers are marketing the film as a true story to attract viewers. The ‘true story’ they describe above would have created a significant buzz in the law enforcement, supernatural investigator, and true crime communities. 

‘One of the most mysterious and horrific unsolved crimes ever recorded’ would dominate news headlines, earning coverage from the top media houses in the United States. 

However, there’s no evidence to suggest that a misdeed happened at 625 River Road on May 11th, 2015, let alone a crime of mysterious and horrific proportions. 

If something happened at 625 River Road in mid-May 2015, then it’s hidden deep in the recesses of the internet. It’s up to What Happened at 625 River Road to bring it to light. 

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