In a 50-part TikTok story titled ‘Who TF Did I Marry?’, Reesa Teesa (@reesamteesa) details her sham marriage to a deceitful man she identified as ‘Legion’. Ressa says in her first video that she ‘dated, married and divorced a real pathological liar’. Though she deliberately hid his identity, the internet swiftly discovered the mystery man’s name. 

Reesa Teesa’s ex-husband, Jerome McCoy, claimed she didn’t reveal the real reason why the couple divorced

Without Reesa’s approval, TikTok user Danni (@danni_19) disclosed her ex-husband’s identity. Using hints dropped by Reesa, Danni figured out that she was married to Jerome McCoy. Danni received plenty of backlash from netizens who said they respected Reesa’s decision to hide Jerome’s identity. Danni defended herself, saying she exposed Jerome for other people he’d allegedly betrayed, not for Reesa. 

Jerome confirmed he was the subject of Reesa’s sensational tale via a TikTok video. He accused Reesa of lying and alleged that she didn’t tell the truth about their divorce. Jerome accused Reesa of cheating, adding that marriage counseling failed to save the couple’s marriage. 

Ressa warned people against engaging with or antagonizing Jerome. “If you’re curious as to who he is, I get it. But please don’t engage because the engagement can turn antagonizing, and this person is not well. So just don’t. Don’t antagonize,” Ressa said on February 19, 2024.