Social media has become one of the best ways to gain fame, but it’s near impossible for you to gain fame for nothing. You have to possess a skill or a talent that people want to follow. Daniel Larson, however, has no discernable skill or talent, yet he claims to be a public figure.

“I am a fashion model, singer/ songwriter, actor and an athlete!” Daniel writes on his Instagram bio. “I am a public figure!” As far as we can tell, Larson is none of the above. His antics have earned him close to 4K fans on Instagram, however. This piece will look at why Daniel Larson is despised on TikTok and social media as a whole.

Daniel Larson has been accused of being a pedophile for posting videos of children

Most posts on Daniel Larson’s Instagram page are filled with comments accusing the self-proclaimed public figure of being a pedophile. The accusations stem from Daniel’s propensity for posting videos of young children on TikTok.

According to a Reddit post, Daniel also admitted to having child porn. The post reads: “In a previous video that he had posted he admitted to owning child porn. That video was later taken down. His newest post is him recording children around the age of 7-10 at a trampoline park. The children do not know his is making a video and come up to him asking him questions. This is very creepy.”

Users regularly call for deletion of Daniel Larson’s accounts. However, his Instagram account still stands despite having some questionable posts.

Daniel claims that he is single and looking for a girlfriend

In a series of videos posted in early October 2020, Daniel stated that he is single and looking for a girlfriend. “I am currently single,” he said. He then proceeded to give out his contact information for any person interested in dating him.