Theresa Randle is famous for playing Theresa Burnett in the Bad Boys film series. The fan-favorite won’t reprise her role in Bad Boys 4, with Tasha Smith earmarked to replace Randle. The decision has proved unpopular among die-hard Bad Boys fans who’ve gotten used to seeing Randle portraying Martin Lawrence’s wife. 

Theresa Randle seemed sick as she was spotted looking frail and using a walker

Randle’s removal from the Bad Boys cast may have something to do with her rumored sickness. A viral video shows Randle looking frail and using a walker. The clip has fueled rumors about Randle’s health and raised concern for the beloved actor. 

Randle was one of the top actresses of the 90s, starring in films like Space Jam, Bad Boys, and Malcolm X. Her acting career slowed down after the turn of the century. Her appearance in 2020’s Bad Boys for Life was her first in a decade. 

It’s unclear if there’s a link between Randle’s career decline and her health problems. The nature of Randle’s illness is unclear; no one associated with Randle has addressed it. Fans have sent messages of support, praying that Randle will get better. @SinnamonCouture tweeted:

“The video floating around of actress Theresa Randle is heartbreaking. But since we don’t know what’s going on, I’m just sending lots of love and many prayers up to her and her hubby, Father MC.”