The 10th season of AMC’s hit show, The Walking Dead, is soon to be upon us. The show has provided us with season after season of action and drama since it premiered in 2010. What is the secret to this incredible longevity?

Why do we love The Walking Dead so much?

The title of the show was enough to attract most of us to the show. There were just so many questions about the show’s title that we wanted to find out. Are the walking dead zombies determined to destroy the world? Are the dead the main characters? The desire to get these answers was enough to get us hooked.

Once you click on the show, you are introduced to a post-apocalyptic world that has been taken over by zombies. There are a few survivors scattered across the universe, but as you might expect, the zombies want to make sure that everyone turns into a zombie.

The series centers on a group of survivors in Atlanta who are trying to stay alive. The main threat comes from the zombies, but soon enough, the group finds that it has to protect itself from other survivors as well. Most survivors will not hesitate to harm another human if it increases their chances of survival.

When to expect The Walking Dead Season 10 on Netflix

AMC released the pilot episode of The Walking Dead on 6th October 2019. Based on past releases, we can predict that season 10 of The Walking Dead will appear on Netflix US in September 2020. The show will also appear in Canada at the same time. Unfortunately, The Walking Dead won’t come to Netflix in Australia and the UK.

There were rumors about a potential fall out between AMC and Netflix. The rumors had fans worried about whether The Walking Dead would be removed from Netflix.

However, the nature of AMC’s contract with Netflix means that The Walking Dead will continue to appear on Netflix for as long as AMC continues to make new seasons of the show. The show will also remain on Netflix for several years after the final season airs.

What to expect in The Walking Dead Season 10

The Walking Dead season 10 will see the return of The Whisperers, and a final effort to wipe them out for good. The new season will also see a bit of romance with Connie and Daryl trying to figure out their relationship. We will also find out how Rosita and Sadiq choose to raise their child.

Sadly, we will say goodbye to Michonne. She will appear in a few episodes as the directors methodically remove her character from the show. Michonne will likely leave the show to star in The Walking Dead movies.