The Girl Who Believes in Miracles is a 2021 film that tells an uplifting story about the healing powers of faith. The Rich Correll-directed film hit theatres in early April 2021, and so far, the reviews have been mostly positive. A 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes is mighty impressive.

The film centers on the unshakeable faith of a young girl named Sara. She listens to a sermon in church about the power of truly believing in God and takes it to heart. God rewards her faith by granting her healing powers; she starts by bringing a dead bird back to life before healing people’s disabilities and life-threatening diseases. Unfortunately, the town’s miracle healer suffers from an incurable disease.

The Girl Who Believes in Miracles is not available on Netflix or any other streaming platform

The Girl Who Believes in Miracles is not yet available for streaming. At the moment, it is only available in theatres.

Click on the film’s website to find out which cinema near you is screening the movie. If theatres near you aren’t streaming the film, you can ‘Demand’ that the distributors bring it near you. To do so, you need to click on the ‘Demand’ prompt and enter your name, email, and zip code.

The distributors will likely respond to zip codes with the most requests, so you need to rally your friends to help bring The Girl Who Believes in Miracles near you.

It is likely that in the future, The Girl Who Believes in Miracles will be available for streaming. For now, however, you can only catch the film in cinemas.

The Girl Who Believes in Miracles is not based on a true story but it draws from real-life experiences

The Girl Who Believes in Miracles

The Girl Who Believes in Miracles is not based on a true story. The film’s FAQ section confirms that the film is fictional. Producer Laurence Jaffe talked to Christian Post that his secret to a ‘full life’ is never looking back: “I guess I’ve never been one to look back, only forward.”

He further explained that the film’s purpose is to uplift people after a difficult 2020 and to teach people how to trust again. “I think that after the year we’ve all endured, the world needs an uplifting movie like this to give us the capacity to trust once more,” said Jaffe. 

The Girl Who Believes in Miracles is not based on a true story, but it isn’t entirely fictional either. Confused? We’ll explain. 

The producers based the movie on an original story by G.M. Mercier, which is also the basis for Peter Szondy’s novel The Mustard Seed. In the novel’s preface, Peter clarifies that the story told is completely fictional, but it draws inspiration from real people and experiences. 

However, it is impossible to tell which instances in the book and the film draw inspiration from real-life events. Some scenes in the film appear completely fictional; for example, Sara bringing a dead bird back to life, but other scenes depict common human experiences. 

Some commentators have drawn parallels between Sara’s and Jesus’ stories. Like Jesus, Sara heals diseases through faith but is powerless to protect herself from tragedy. 

There you have it. Is The Girl Who Believes in Miracles based on a true story? No and Yes.