The Belko Experiment by James Gunn debuted in 2016 to mixed reviews. Gunn revealed that the idea came to him via a dream in which he was enclosed in a metal building with employees instructed by a strange voice to murder each other. Gunn created the screenplay in 2007, it was greenlit soon after, but Gunn stepped away due to his ongoing divorce. 

The film’s premise follows James Gunn’s dream to a tee. It follows eighty Americans trapped inside a building, with a strange voice urging them to kill each other. Although initially hesitant, the employees eventually press play on the carnage. 

Is The Belko Experiment streaming on Netflix?

The Belko Experiment is not streaming on Netflix. We do not expect the film to come to Netflix either. 

Amazon recently acquired the film’s distributor, MGM, in a deal worth around $8.45 billion. 

Therefore, MGM films will have a permanent home on Amazon Prime. It is improbable that Amazon will hand streaming rights to a direct competitor. 

Even before the Amazon deal, titles from MGM rarely appeared on Netflix. We expect that the existing titles will trickle off Netflix as the licensing deals expire.

Where is The Belko Experiment available for streaming?

The Belko Experiment is available for streaming on Pluto TV. The service is free with commercials.

The film will soon head to Amazon Prime, where it will be available for streaming.