Arnold Schwarzenegger is back on our screens with the latest instalment of the Terminator movies, Dark Fate. Terminator: Dark Fate will serve a sequel for Terminator: Judgement Day, which was released in 1991. Dark Fate also sees the return of producer and writer James Cameron to the production team.

Terminator: Judgement Day is regarded by many as the best terminator film. Apart from the engaging storyline, Judgement Day introduced us to some of Arnold’s most iconic lines such as, ‘Hasta la Vista Baby’. Dark Fate will carry on from the events of Judgement Day, with most of the characters reprising their roles.

In Dark Fate, machines send a terminator back in time to kill a woman, Dani Ramos, whose life is connected to Sarah Connor. The resistance also sends an enhanced soldier, Grace, to try and thwart the terminator’s plan. Grace and Dani need to destroy the Rev-9 terminator, but it won’t be easy.

The Rev-9 is the most advanced terminator to date, and it has incredible capabilities. The Rev-9 can shapeshift its form into its powerful endoskeleton or into a shape-shifting liquid metal exterior. Grace and Dani need help, and it unexpectedly arrives in the form of Sarah Connor and the T-800 Terminator.

Will Terminator: Dark Fate come to Netflix?

Terminator: Dark Fate has been produced by Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox. Paramount Pictures and Netflix have a great relationship, but the number of Paramount Pictures films appearing on Netflix has begun to dwindle.

The reason for this is that Paramount Pictures is currently offering its films to the highest bidder. At the moment, Hulu looks most likely to get the rights to Terminator: Dark Fate, given that it already has rights to the first Terminator.

Netflix Canada subscribers look to be the only ones who’ll be lucky enough to get Terminator: Dark Fate on Netflix. The title will arrive in Canada in 2020. UK viewers can watch Dark Fate on NowTV.