Simon Dunn, the first openly gay player to represent a national team in bobsled, died on 21st January 2022. After retiring in 2016, Dunn became an LGBTQ+ activist and an amateur rugby player. The flood of tributes in Dunn’s honor show he was adored by many. Ruby Rose Management, Simon’s agent, told Gay Times:

“Simon will be missed, not just for his sportsmanship, not just for his valued views on our community and sport but mostly for being who he was – a genuinely all-round nice guy, who had time for everyone. He had a story for us all, but mostly he wanted to know your story.”

The police said they are not treating Simon Dunn’s death as suspicious

Simon Dunn’s cause of death remains unclear. A police spokesperson said inquiries into the death have begun, and the authorities aren’t treating Dunn’s passing as suspicious. The statement reads:

“The body is believed to be that of the 35-year-old occupant. Officers from Surry Hills Police Area Command have commenced inquiries into the circumstances surrounding his death, which is not being treated as suspicious.”

Dunn hadn’t reported physical illness but had opened up about mental health struggles. He returned to bobsleigh in 2021 in an attempt to make Australia’s team for the 2022 Winter Olympics. However, Dunn tore his bicep, extinguishing his Olympics dreams. 

Dunn wrote on Instagram in November 2022 that, against professional advice, he prioritized physical recovery over his mental health. Dunn said he knew he needed help but was too proud to ask for it. Eventually, however, she sought mental health assistance. He wrote:

“Given my previous issues with Adjustment disorder we now have a mental health plan in place and [a] psychologist. If this year has taught me nothing, I want you to know that there’s no shame in asking for help, life isn’t easy and sometimes we need the tools to process what we’re going through.”

Dunn broke up with his former partner, Eli Crawford, as he recovered from the injury. “It takes true love to know when to let someone go live their best lives, which we have decided to do,” Dunn captioned a late October 2022 post. Eli wrote on Instagram (per Gay Times):

“I’m so proud of everything you’ve achieved and you still had so much ahead of you. I’ve not only lost my first love but a very special life long friend. I will cherish the beautiful moments we spent together and you will be in [my] heart forever.”