Ever wondered what it’s like to be a celebrity assistant? Well, you can head over to Shirley Tempeh’s TikTok page to find out. Who is Shirley Tempeh? You may ask. Shirley Tempeh is a celebrity assistant who’s built her following by sharing behind-the-scenes videos of her work experiences.

To keep her followers interested, and to maintain a steady stream of new followers, Tempeh has refrained from revealing her boss’s identity. She entertains by sharing her experiences and subtle clues as to her boss’s identity. She’s filmed him walking, his apparel, and his hand, but never his face.

Some fans have reportedly figured out who Shirley Tempeh’s boss is

Shirley Tempeh has turned thousands of TikToker’s into internet detectives trying to find answers in the clues she leaves on her TikTok page. 

Tempeh has shared the celebrity’s favorite foods, his car of choice, and his residence (Los Angeles). Shirley Tempeh’s boss prefers to ride in a Tesla and loves the extra well done crispy lemon pepper wings from Wingstop. 

The Wingstop connection made some TikTokers guess that Shirley Tempeh’s boss is rapper Rick Ross, who owns several Wingstop joints in the United States. However, Tempeh clarified that her boss isn’t the Maybach Music mogul via a TikTok posted on 3rd February 2021. 

“OH! BTW! I showed by boss all the comments thinking that it was Rick Ross,” Tempeh narrates, “and he thought that it was really funny. But no it’s not Ricky Rozay.” Shirley’s comment also revealed that her mysterious boss is in on the act. 

Kevin Hart, Spike Lee, Neil Patrick Harris, and even JFK are names that fans have thrown around attempting to identify Shirley’s boss. Shirley has revealed that some followers have gotten it right, but she is not yet prepared to share the details. Head to Shirley’s page and see if you can figure out who her boss is. You will need to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes to even get close. 

Shirley Tempeh’s goal is to become a producer and director like her boss

To many of her followers, Shirley Tempeh has the perfect job. She shares videos of her frequent travels, nights in fancy hotels, and numerous networking opportunities. However, through Shirley, we have learned that the job has plenty of downsides. 

The unconventional work hours, as well as the impromptu trips, seem daunting. Her jobs include picking up food, reading scripts, charging the Tesla, and putting together character breakdowns.

Shirley Tempeh’s goal is to become a producer and director like her boss. “The guy that I work for is a director and producer in the film industry,” Shirley said on 11th January 2021. “For me, those are my goals. I want to be a director and producer.”

Tempeh has shared that it is not easy to land the job of a celebrity assistant. “Typically it’s not a job you can apply to online,” she said. “It’s word of mouth or recommendations.”