TikTok has proven to be the main source of social media entertainment over the past year. Just about any video on TikTok can go viral, especially if it is funny. All you need to do is move to the app’s Discover page and find loads of funny clips to brighten up your day.

However, it takes a lot for a funny TikTok clip to go viral, unless that clip is the Say Hello Jamie Lee video. The video has spread like wildfire and garnered millions of views around the world. This piece will explain the Say Hello Jamie Lee TikTok sensation.

Jamie Lee is just a normal human being from Northern Ireland that no one can understand

On 9th April 2021, Caitlin Watters uploaded a video in which she shouted out a friend of hers named Jamie Lee. The video shows Caitlin seated at the back of a moving vehicle with Jamie Lee at the front.

Watters then shouts ‘Say Hello Jamie Lee’ and points the camera at Jamie. Lee responds by saying Hello to everyone, but that is just about anything that we can comprehend.

Due to her deep Irish accent, many can’t grasp what Jamie Lee says after the hello. Everyone else in the car cheers, so we guess she says something hyper.

The funny thing about the video is that no matter how hard you try, you will not grasp what Lee says. That is, unless you are Northern Irish.

TikTokers are uploading videos trying to recreate what Jamie Lee said

Jamie Lee has become a worldwide sensation on TikTok, with different creators coming up with versions of what they thought Jamie Lee said.

These versions are super hilarious, and if you are not careful, you might spend hours laughing at Say Hello Jamie Lee on TikTok.

Creators have come under criticism for recreating the video due to Jamie Lee’s disability

Caitlin Watters has taken down the original video, allegedly because Caitlin doesn’t want people making fun of Lee’s disability. A tweet by @AaronDickinson reads:

“I think it’s absolutely mental how popular taking the piss out of the ‘Say hello Jamie Lee’ video has become. Even after the creator said she has special needs and a disability. People will do anything for a few likes.”

People should, therefore, show respect towards Caitlin and her disability.