Robbie Pierce went from owning a welding business to becoming one of the most celebrated names in motorsport. Pierce’s introduction to racing came when he was contracted by MasterCraft to manufacture the company’s tubular seat frames. In 1999, he bought MasterCraft, and nine years later, he purchased Ryan Safety. 

As the owner of the companies, Pierce pioneered safety equipment that made racing safer for drivers and co-drivers. By 2008, Robbie was four years into his racing career. 

Pierce, who sold Mastercraft and Ryan Safety in June 2017, was inducted into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2018. 

Robbie Pierce died in a scuba diving accident off Bonaire Island

Robbie Pierce, 63, died in a scuba diving accident off Bonaire Island in the Caribbean. Pierce celebrated New Year’s day with his loved ones on the island. Pierce’s company, Jimco Racing, described scuba diving as Pierce’s second biggest passion in life. Jimco Racing’s statement read:

“It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our great leader, racer, builder, entrepreneur, and Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Inductee, Robbie Pierce. His dedication to the safety and advancement of off-road racing and motorsports will continue to save lives, and thrill racers and fans alike for years to come.”

“Drive fast, take chances. Race in Peace.” Tributes praising Robbie’s humility and achievements poured in from the motorsport community. Former IndyCar driver Sam Schmidt commented on Robbie’s last Instagram post

“You were my hero, not because of your business exploits, which were fantastic, but because you were a true friend through it all. I’m gutted.”