Priscilla Presley and her daughter Lisa Marie cried as Austin Butler received the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture for his phenomenal portrayal of Elvis Presley in Elvis

“My heartfelt congratulations to @austinbutler for the Golden Globe award for best actor,” Priscilla wrote on Instagram. “It was much deserved. He studied Elvis for 2 years and simply became him in his performance. I’m so proud of you, Austin.”

Unfortunately, tragedy struck the Presley family two days after Austin’s win – Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis’ only child, passed away. Her death has raised concerns about Priscilla’s well-being. 

Priscilla Presley is alive and in good health

Priscilla Presley, 77, is alive and in good health. In recent years, tabloids have claimed that Priscilla’s health is in decline, allegations she refuted via the following February 2020 tweet

“As I have stated before, I’m in very good health. I’m not dying and I still have my memory. Don’t put me under yet. I have to [sic] much to do in this lifetime. Where these crazy articles come from is beyond me.”

Priscilla has dedicated her life to honoring Elvis Presley’s memory. After Elvis’ passing, Priscilla was advised to sell Graceland, the singer’s home, to pay off outstanding debts and taxes. She declined. 

Priscilla formed Elvis Presley Enterprises, which turned Graceland into an Elvis Presley museum. Graceland, one of the most-visited private homes in the United States, generated enough profits to cover Priscilla’s debts. 

“Elvis would never have believed that his home is now a museum but would have loved it and would have been the first tour guide because that is the first thing he did, was show his place,” Priscilla said on Sunday Night in December 2017. 

In January 2022, Priscilla and thousands of fans gathered at Graceland to celebrate Elvis’ 87th birthday. “This year marks 45 years of Elvis’ passing,” Priscilla wrote on Facebook. “It’s still, after all these years, hard to accept that he’s not here. But with your help… his legacy we will pass on.”

Priscilla said on the TODAY show in August 2022 that her goal is to ‘carry out and give him [Elvis] the things that he always wanted to do in his life’. For instance, one of Elvis’ dreams was to sing in an orchestra, which Priscilla achieved via the If I Can Dream compilation album with Elvis and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. 

“Anything he wanted to do or wished to do as far as in life, I want to try to get that to happen,” Priscilla said. “It’s a big responsibility.”

Priscilla didn’t remarry after divorcing Elvis but welcomed a son with ex-boyfriend Marco Garibaldi

Priscilla and Elvis met at a party in 1959 in Germany, where Elvis was stationed in the Army. She was the 14-year-old stepdaughter of a US Air Force major. Priscilla’s parents objected to the relationship, but they eventually relented. 

“You couldn’t help but fall in love with him,” Priscilla said on Sunday Night. “He just seemed to have it all – he was every general’s soldier, he was every son to every mother. I mean he just connected. He connected.”

The pair tied the knot in 1967, and nine months later, they welcomed Lisa-Marie. Priscilla claimed that fame and infidelity led to the breakdown of their marriage. She explained:

“It was the lifestyle. I couldn’t keep up, it was hard keeping up and I had a daughter. He wasn’t faithful, not that he had someone special, but when you’re in the entertainment business there is always that and I tried to turn my back to that, but I just didn’t want to share him. Simple as that.”

Priscilla and Elvis divorced in October 1973 but remained close friends – they left the courtroom holding hands. “We never lost our friendship and our care for each other,” Priscilla said

After the divorce, Priscilla was briefly involved with karate instructor Mike Stone, photographer Terry O’Neill, and attorney Robert Kardashian. Rob was reportedly besotted with Priscilla and wanted to marry her, but Priscilla declined, vowing never to marry again as long as Elvis lived. 

Priscilla and model Michael Edwards dated for six years before parting in 1984. Priscilla dated businessman Marco Garibaldi from the mid-1980s to 2006. The couple welcomed a son, musician Navarone Garibaldi, with whom Priscilla shares a close bond. 

Priscilla was recently rumored to be dating Elvis’ close friend Tom Jones, claims Jones denied. In 2021, Tom told People:

“We’re not dating, but we do go out to dinner. She’s a very dear friend of mine, Priscilla. I mean, I met her in the ’60s, and she’s been a friend of mine ever since. But there is nothing romantic, no.”

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