Nyla ‘Prison Bae’ Murrell-French has secured release from prison twelve months after going viral on social media. Murrell-French’s photos of herself in gray sweats attracted attention from men who offered to, among other things, campaign for her release from prison, make Nyla’s incarceration more bearable by sending money or bust her out of jail. 

Prison Bae also received marriage proposals and gift promises. Infatuated by her beauty, the smitten men cared little about the crimes that sent Nyla to prison. A handful of social media users retracted their offers after learning about Nyla’s crimes. This is Nyla ‘Prison Bae’ Murrell-French’s story. 

Nyla pleaded guilty to first-degree assault for stabbing a girl in the neck

Nyla’s social media posts show she played basketball in school. Her rap sheet shows she was a juvenile delinquent who spent time in the system for felony possession of a weapon by a minor and felony theft. 

Murrell-French was imprisoned for assaulting a 17-year-old girl she’d feuded with. Nyla, wielding a knife, and her friend reportedly approached the girl after seeing her near a store. The friend and Nyla’s adversary started fighting before Murrell-French joined in, stabbing the victim in the neck. 

The victim suffered severe injuries, including a collapsed lung and permanent nerve damage. Furthermore, the stab wound injured her jugular, causing significant blood loss. During the pre-sentencing investigation, Nyla described the incident as follows:

“When I jumped in the fight I still [had] the knife in my hand, I forgot I had it. I didn’t intend to stab her. I didn’t know I did until I saw the blood. I dropped the knife, stepped back and they still kept fighting. We all finally left. I didn’t know how bad she was hurt.”

The state charged Nyla with first-degree assault and second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon. Murrell-French pleaded guilty to first-degree assault, leading to the dismissal of the second charge. 

Murrell-French could have received a lighter sentence had she stayed away from crime after pleading guilty

Nyla Murrell-French

Nyla pleaded guilty without receiving any assurances about her sentence, freeing the court to impose the maximum possible prison time. The pre-sentencing interviewer recommended that the court sentence Nyla to 98 months, considering her criminal history and criminal activity after her guilty plea. 

As reported by Twin Cities Pioneer Press, Assistant Ramsey County Attorney Daniel Rait petitioned the court to impose prison time, citing the nine theft charges Nyla had picked up after her guilty plea as evidence that the accused was unsuitable for probation. 

Defense attorney Christopher Anderson argued that the assault was an isolated incident and the subsequent theft charges didn’t involve violence. Anderson opined that probation and jail time instead of a lengthy prison sentence would serve Murrell-French better. He said:

“The consequences of sending her to prison would so greatly outweigh the benefit to society. We are frankly asking the court to give her [a] chance.”

Ramsey County District Judge Sara Grewing said she couldn’t ignore the thefts Nyla was accused of since pleading guilty. Grewing reminded the accused that she’d warned her against criminal behavior during the plea hearing. The judge said Nyla needed to be on her best behavior to avoid prison, but she did otherwise. 

“There are no winners here today,” Grewing said. “I don’t think you’re a bad person … but in order for me to have faith you can succeed in the community you weren’t supposed to have any new offenses.”

Based on the pre-sentencing investigation, Nyla faced between 84 and 117 months in prison. Judge Grewing sentenced her to the least possible time permissible – 84 months. 

Murrell-French appealed the sentence, claiming the court miscalculated her criminal history, the district court erred by accepting her guilty plea, and the judge should have handed down a lesser sentence. The Court of Appeals dismissed Nyla’s claim, affirming Judge Grewing’s decision. 

Nyla reportedly earned over $100k by posting her photos

Nyla took advantage of her social media fame by posting information on how people could send her money in prison. Murrell-French was incarcerated at the Hennepin County Adult Detention Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

The Minnesota Department of Corrections doesn’t limit the amounts people can receive in their commissary accounts. Inmates can use the funds to buy personal items, toiletries, and items from the facility canteen. 

A source speaking to Black Sports Online said that Nyla received around $100K. “It blew up,” the friend said. “Men sent her about $100,000. It was so much that the prison flagged her account.” Some reports claim Nyla received close to $250K. 

Nyla was released from prison on 6th December 2022. She’s in a prime position to profit from her popularity, considering the number of social media she’s accrued. 

Murrell-French should follow the example of the original Prison Bae, Jeremy Meeks. Jeremy gained fame after the Stockton Police Department released his mugshot. The image went viral, earning Jeremy names like ‘The Blue-Eyed Bandit.’

Following his release from prison in March 2016, Meeks capitalized on his fame, pursuing acting and modeling careers. Jeremy Meeks is reportedly worth millions of dollars. 

After announcing her imminent release from prison, Nyla received the following advice from Facebook user Tremaine Jacobs: “You’ve made the best of a worse situation. Now make greatness of this second chance and blossom into a positive important person in the world.” The ball is in Nyla’s court.