Miles Pfeffer faces multiple charges connected to the fatal shooting of Temple University Police Officer Christopher Fitzgerald. Minutes before the shooting, Fitzgerald reported via radio that he was in a foot pursuit. Fellow officers found him nursing multiple gunshot wounds to the upper torso and face. 

Video surveillance footage shows Miles firing a handgun at Fitzgerald, who falls to the ground. The suspect then fires several more shots into Fitzgerald while standing over the police officer. 

Prosecutors have charged Miles with, among others, murder, murder of a law enforcement officer, carjacking, and robbery. Miles is not eligible for bail. 

Miles’ mother was taken in for questioning after authorities raided the family home

Miles Pfeffer’s parents, Jill Petrushka and Marc Pfeffer, are from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, they indicate on Facebook. 

The family moved to their residence on the Boxley Farm along Quarry Road four years ago. A multi-agency team raided the property on 19th February 2023, taking Miles into custody, seizing multiple weapons, and taking Jill in for questioning. 

Officers used Fitzgerald’s cuffs on Miles. “That’s a tradition we do anytime there is a fallen officer and we thought it was important by once again placing his cuffs on the suspect,” Clark said. 

Neighbors told CBS News that police visited the residence regularly. Officers told the outlet that authorities in the area had clashed with Miles due to ‘nuisance crimes’.

“I really don’t know them, even though they’re so close,”  Michael Moeller, a neighbor, told CBS News. “Everybody keeps to themselves here in the country, mostly. They have been noisy at times.”

Miles’ privatized Instagram page has photos of money and bikes. “Work hard not hard; make stupid decisions face stupid consequences,” Miles captioned the picture of a male with his face obscured by fanned-out $20 bills and what appears to be a pistol sticking out of his waistband. 

Miles’ brother reportedly witnessed the shooting

According to journalist Steve Keeley, Miles’ brother witnessed Fitzgerald’s shooting. Keeley tweeted:

“The accused killer’s brother was with him when Officer Fitzgerald tried to stop them & is one of the witnesses who saw & heard what happened, Law Enforcement tells FOX29. He ducked into an alley & hid, and saw the officer chase Miles Pfeffer and then he heard gunshots.”

Keeley added that after fleeing the scene in a stolen vehicle, Miles was picked up by Jill at 29th Street & Ridge Avenue and driven home. It’s unclear whether Jill’s brother faces criminal charges.