NCIS: Los Angeles fans could be forgiven for missing the tribute to Michele Poulik at the end of season 1’s first episode titled Subject 17. Following a shortened 12th season, we were eager to follow up on storylines started in season 12. After the excitement of watching a new NCIS episode reached fever pitch, a title card appeared stating:

“In loving memory of Michele Poulik, whose smile, presence, and laughter, lit up every day.” The tribute marked the end of an emotional episode for fans and Michele Poulik’s workmates and family. 

Michele Poulik was a set decorator who worked on over 250 NCIS episodes

Michele Poulik was a set decorator who worked on over 250 NCIS episodes. Michele passed away on 2nd August 2021 in her Los Angeles home, according to the Set Decorators Society of America

She died after a long battle with cancer surrounded her sister Janet, friends and her dogs, Daisy and LuLa. “She was amazingly creative and worked tirelessly on every set she worked on,” Janet said. “I will miss her zeal for life and all things beautiful.”

Poulik’s first foray into the entertainment world involved writing and producing the indie film Singing Birds, which premiered in Detroit. She worked on another project in Detroit before moving to Los Angeles to pursue Hollywood success. 

She worked on many films, including Hard Target, Army of Darkness, and Roadracers. In 1998, she earned an Emmy nomination for her recreation of the Apollo moon landings on From the Earth to the Moon.