In Maggie Moore(s), police chief Jordan Sanders (John Hamm) tackles the most complex murder investigation of his career. The mysteries at the heart of the film are the murders of two women named Maggie Moore within a week of each other. It’s Sanders’ job to catch the killer(s) and determine whether there is a link between the two Maggies. 

Maggie Moore(s) is inspired by true events

Maggie Moore(s) is inspired by true crime. However, the crimes that inspired Paul Bernbaum to write the film’s script are unclear.  

John Slattery, the film’s director, told business wire: “I’m so proud of Maggie Moore(s) and the entire cast and filmmaking team. After reading this script, I knew we had the potential for a unique story to be told. The result is a film that captures a lot of today’s true-crime, stranger-than-fiction culture, buoyed by excellent performances.”

Screen Media, owned by a Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment Company, acquired North American rights to Maggie Moore(s) in February 2023. David Fannon, a company executive, said, “With an incredible ensemble cast led by Jon Hamm and Tina Fey, the film is a wild, true-crime inspired ride that will keep audiences guessing until the end.”

On 14th May 2023, Marilyn Blalock, a netizen who seems connected to the true crime story that inspired the film, wrote on Media Play News that the showrunners didn’t notify the victims’ families during production. “As the daughter of one of the women that were murdered, the thought that anyone could be so overt as to turn this tragic story into something for people to laugh at makes me physically ill,” she wrote.

Blalock predicted that the film would negatively impact the victims’ loved ones. She concluded: “I hope that someone brings to light how damaging this film is going to be to those of us left here, still grieving the loss of their moms and trust me none of us can find one thing about these murders that is funny.”