Lexi Weinbaum has gone viral on TikTok for sharing about a traumatic attack she claims happened in December 2015. The Sacred Heart University student had previously hinted about a harrowing event that changed her life but had kept the details secret. In March 2023, however, Lexi began detailing her near-death experience. 

Lexi Weinbaum said her former friends drugged her and attempted to kill her

Lexi Weinbaum was born in 1999 to Michele and Thomas Weinbaum. She grew up alongside two sisters, Marisa and Amanda, and a brother, Mitchell. 

Lexi claims that in December 2015, her friends nearly murdered her at a get-together. She alleges that minutes after taking a laced drink, she started having seizures and experiencing breathing difficulties. Panicking, she asked her friends to help her. They chose, instead, to watch her suffer. 

At one point, Lexi alleges, one of her friends tried to choke her. The friend allegedly told Lexi that no one would miss her if she died. Lexi found the energy to break from the chokehold and attempted to leave. One of her friends reportedly kicked her down the stairs as she exited the house. 

Lexi begged people on the street to call 911, but her friends prevented them from calling, alleging Lexi was schizophrenic and having a psychotic episode. Regardless, one man called emergency services, saving Lexi in the knick of time. She shares via a pinned Instagram post:

“I begged for help until ultimately being left to die. I can feel their cold and dead personalities to my core still. I was lucky my body was found before it was hopeless but I was nearly gone.”

Doctors treated Lexi and contacted her family. Lexi claimed she told the authorities about the attack, but they didn’t investigate it. She continues: “I remember the hospital stay and the so-called investigation that was bullshit because I wasn’t dead. Every day I have to remember the feeling of never getting justice. I remember being gaslit into saying what they wanted in fear of anyone else getting hurt.”

Lexi alleges someone acquired her nude photos and tried to blackmail her with them

Before the December 2015 attack, someone allegedly tried to blackmail Lexi using her nude photos. The mysterious person sent the photos to Lexi and some of her friends. 

Lexi informed her mother, who reported the incident to the police. They concluded that whoever had Lexi’s intimate photos likely got them from her iCloud account. 

The 2015 incidents had a profound effect on Lexi. She became suicidal and developed PTSD, OCD, and an eating disorder. She sought psychiatric help, which helped restore her mental health. Lexi’s TikTok page contains videos of herself talking about her struggles with OCD and an eating disorder. Lexi writes:

“I’ve tried so hard over the last 6 years to forget the taste of the rocks and dirt on the pavement following my assault so that I could be the old version of myself again. In a blink of an eye I’m able to bring myself back to that cold December day wearing that maroon sweater and navy blue zip up coat and I’m able to remember how my voice sounded as I begged for help.”

Lexi’s recovery continues as she competes in track and field at university. 

Lexi’s recovery, nearly seven years after the attack, continues. Opening up to the world about the event is part of her healing process. She also hopes that by speaking about her trauma, she’ll raise awareness about the perceived culture of disbelieving victims and denying them justice. She writes:

“We see situations like this constantly that end far more tragically, and those of us who do survive often stay quiet. If someone had listened to me at 13, when I needed them to, none of this would have went on to happen. From the bottom of my heart I am so sorry to anyone who has experienced abuse like this.”

Lexi is a track and field star at university. She used to be a skilled equestrian, but a nasty accident that nearly killed her ended her horse riding career. Lexi wrote on a July 2022 Instagram post marking the anniversary of her accident that her helmet saved her from certain death. 

A note attached to the post describes how Lexi let go of her life-long equestrian dreams. She describes convincing her 5-year-old self that there’s life beyond horses. Lexi writes:

“For now, I’m going to steal a little more courage from that younger version of me which of course means repeating her favorite thing to say which was ‘grit your teeth and get through it’. For everyone who has asked me what my life plan is, that is it. Whatever is thrown at me, I will simply grind it out. For my sake though, I hope it’s gentler this time.”

Lexi stated she’s working on a book detailing her life so far.