Jon Hein is a popular member of the Howard Stern team and a SportsNet New York Host. Hein started his career in comedy while at the University of Michigan as part of the sketch comedy troupe Comedy Company. At the same institution, he crossed paths with his wife, Debra Ganz. 

Jon Hein and his wife, Debra Ganz, have been married for over 32 years

Jon Hein and Debra Ganz joined the University of Michigan on the same day over three decades ago. Their relationship started after moving into the same dorm several months after orientation. Hein and Ganz were teenagers when they began dating. Now in their fifties, their relationship is still going strong. 

“Happy 32nd anniversary @jonhein,” Ganz wrote on Instagram on July 27, 2023. “The fact that we would both rather spend a weeked in Ann Arbor than take a luxury vacation is everything to me. I love you endlessly. May our marriage never jump the shark and wherever we go and whatever we do, may we always Go Blue. Xox.”

The couple share two daughters, Rachel and Emily. Ganz wished Emily a happy birthday via a sweet Instagram post uploaded on July 9, 2023. Alongside photos of Emily through the years, Ganz wrote:

“Em – you passed the age of ‘fifteen’. You passed the age and feeling of ‘22’. I hope you go ‘head first fearless’ into being 26!! I love you and I am super awed by the person you are. ‘Stay beautiful’ Happy birth-tay Xox.”

Ganz wished Rachel a happy 28th birthday on December 20, 2023, writing on Instagram that she is ‘the kindest person’ with ‘the biggest heart’.