Joker tells the story of how Batman’s greatest nemesis came to be. Films and shows rarely focus on the villain’s story, but with Joker, you will get to see how a series of unfortunate events turned a man into a psychopathic killer.

Arthur Fleck lives in Gotham City with his mom. In 1981, Gotham was not the best place to find a job. Arthur cannot afford to be unemployed because he needs money to buy medication for a condition that causes him to laugh at inappropriate times. Unfortunately, Arthur is fired from children’s services after going to a children’s hospital with a gun.

Without his medication, Fleck loses control. He tries out comedy, but his morbid jokes and uncontrollable laughter diminish his chances of success. However, his Joker persona becomes a major hit. He fuels a revolution where people with clown masks terrorize the city of Gotham.

At one of the riots, Bruce Wayne’s (Batman) parents are murdered. Arthur is eventually apprehended and sent to Arkham asylum. Joker offers viewers a rare insight into how Arthur Fleck’s disturbed mind led to the creation of the Joker. The film was a great success, but it received a lot of criticism for how it portrayed murder and violent behavior.

Will Joker Come to Netflix?

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Joker will come to Netflix US. It will most likely come to HBO a few months after its theatrical release. Speculation is that the film will form part of the new HBO Max program set for release in 2020.

Other regions will likely get Joker on Netflix. For UK subscribers, DC movies usually appear on Netflix about two and a half years after the theatrical release. It means that Joker will likely appear on Netflix UK at around 2021. Australia and other European regions might also get Joker. However, viewers from those regions might have to wait for more than a year before they can watch Joker on Netflix.

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