Jennifer Burrows’ sensational story resurfaces every few years, drawing shocked responses from netizens. Stories of necrophilia in morgues are fairly common; Burrows’ stands out since it supposedly culminated in pregnancy. This piece explores the shocking tale, revealing its origins and addressing its factuality. 

The story claiming Jennifer Burrows got pregnant after having sex with a corpse is false

Burrows’ story began in November 2010 when Dead Serious News reported that police in Lexington, Missouri, had arrested Felicity Marmaduke for having sex with a corpse at the Mourning Glory Mortuary. In October 2016, World News Daily Report recycled the story, replacing Felicity Marmaduke with Jennifer Burrows. 

Both reports claimed that a morgue worker had gotten pregnant after having sex with a corpse. World News Daily Report cited an alleged DNA test performed on Burrows’ newborn child as evidence that she’d had sex with a man who died in March 2015. 

It added that authorities suspected Burrows of sexually abusing more than 60 male corpses. The outlet quoted a police chief, who stated that the police started investigating Burrows after learning she may have been sexually abusing dead bodies. Police Chief Forte of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department added:

“We accumulated enough evidence over the last few months to obtain a warrant for a paternity test on her newborn son. It confirmed our suspicions that the father of her child was, indeed, a 57-year old veterinarian from Texas who was driving through the county when he had a fatal car accident.”

“All the evidence that we have gathered suggests that he had never met Ms. Burrows before his demise and that he was already dead when the baby was conceived.”

World News Daily Report claimed that Burrows faced 158 charges, including indecent exposure and indecent treatment of a corpse. The outlet quoted mental health experts who posited that Burrows was suffering from mental problems and would probably register an insanity plea. 

The issue with this unbelievable story is that it’s made up. World News Daily Report is a satirical website featuring a disclaimer on its About page that everything it publishes is fictional. The disclaimer states:

“All characters appearing in the articles in this website — even those based on real people — are entirely fictional and any resemblance between them and any person, living, dead or undead, is purely a miracle.”

Furthermore, the outlet’s tagline is ‘Where facts don’t matter’. The woman appearing in the mugshots featured in the article is Kayla Schumaker, a Boone County, Missouri, resident arrested for possessing prescription drugs in 2013. A report by local news outlet Eagle 939 states:

“A Boone County Sheriff’s Deputy pulled 22-year-old Kayla Schumaker of Fayette over at about midnight on I-70 near the Rangeline intersection. The deputy learned she had an active Randolph County warrant for marijuana possession. After a search, it turned out Shumaker had prescription meds that weren’t meant for her, and some other drug paraphernalia.”