Hulu’s Quiz Lady is a film about two sisters who enter a game show hoping to win enough money to pay ransom for their dog. Anne (Awkwafina) acquired an $80,000 debt owed by her mother to a local gangster after she fled to Macau. Jenny (Sandra Oh), her free-spirited older sister, arrives just in time to help. 

Quiz Lady is not based on a true story; it has some real-life influences

Quiz Lady’s narrative is entirely fictional. However, the writer Jen D’Angelo drew influences from her life when writing the script. She told Screen Rant that Anne is loosely based on her brother. 

“My older brother is very similar to Anne in that he is a genius and just remembers literally every fact he’s ever learned. He has been obsessed with Jeopardy! his whole life, he’s tried out multiple times, he always makes it into the contestant pool, but never gets the call to be on the show,” Jen said.