Kathryn Barroga’s story is spectacular, to say the least. Per writer and content creator Damian Haremski of Project Nightfall, Kathryn killed 97 serial killers as the leader of a covert group dubbed AMS (Anthony Mai Sophie). Damian reports that AMS murdered 431 serial killers, making it one of the most prolific vigilante groups in the world. Eventually, per Damian, Kathryn surrendered to the FBI moments after fatally shooting her family. 

Kathryn Barroga’s story is false; she didn’t murder 97 serial killers

As narrated by Damian Haremski, Kathryn Barroga was born into a typical family. Her parents, Anthony and Mai, and her older sister, Sophie, showered her with love. Kathryn’s life changed when she came home to find the mangled bodies of her murdered family. Haremski says the killer abducted Kathryn, holding her hostage for two months. 

The private investigator responsible for saving Kathryn trained her and helped her create her vigilante organization. The organization aimed to remove as many serial killers as possible. Katherine’s personal motivation was to avenge her family. 

A decade after her family’s death, Kathryn learned that her family was still alive and had faked their executions to turn Kathryn into the ultimate serial killer hunter. Anthony, Kathryn’s father, orchestrated the plan, and the rest of the family played along. Filled with anger and motivated by revenge, Kathryn murdered her family, increasing her victim list to 100. 

The story is remarkable and brilliantly narrated, but ultimately, false. A story like that, if true, would have dominated news coverage for months and formed the basis of many documentaries. The government wouldn’t have managed to sweep such a narrative under the rug. At the time of writing, there is no evidence of a vigilante organization named AMS ever existing.

A comment by Damian, the author, confirms the story is made up. He wrote on Facebook: “Truthfully, this is my artistic soul celebrating! At heart, I am a writer first and being able to now express it with the help of our animation team is amazing! The story plays into the extremes but it is meant to make you think about very important life questions. Loved writing it.”