In God is a Bullet, a detective returns home to a hellish scene – he finds his wife murdered and his daughter missing. The perpetrators are members of a secretive cult. Frustrated by the inaction of authorities, the detective partners with a former cult member to exact revenge on the cult and save his daughter. 

God is a Bullet is partially based on true events; it’s mostly fictitious

God is a Bullet is based on a book by Boston Teran of the same name. The film is inspired by true events, but it’s mostly fiction. 

Teran, who uses a pseudonym to publish his books, said the idea for the book came to him while drinking in Thailand. He allegedly saw a man spray-paint a line on the wall. Curious, Teran asked what the inscription meant. “God is a bullet right to the head,” the man reportedly told Teran. “You start to feel better the minute you are dead.”