28 Days Haunted is a reality television series that has failed to impress fans of the horror and paranormal genres, appealing more to comedy fans. The Netflix theory is based on a claim by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren that it takes 28 days to lift the veil between the living and the dead. 

In the show, three teams of researchers visit various haunted locations in Connecticut, Colorado, and North Carolina to test the theory. The teams spend 28 days testing Warren’s claim and freaking each other out. 

The series allegedly explores haunted locations, but everything about it seems fake

Paranormal investigations aren’t everybody’s cup of tea – most fail to uncover factual evidence of supernatural activity. However, the popular ones try a lot to seem convincing, adding some value to the viewing experience. 

28 Days Haunted doesn’t try to be persuasive, making it seem like a horror-reality spoof rather than a show about actual paranormal investigations. 

The show’s researchers chose popular ‘haunted’ locations to host the experiments. For instance, the site in North Carolina reportedly hosts the ghosts of the Lawson family. 

On Christmas Day 1929, Charlie Lawson murdered his wife and six of his seven children before committing suicide. The bodies were embalmed in T.B. Knight Funeral Parlor at 104 W. Murphy Street, the show’s North Carolina filming location. 

According to the News & Record, Madison Dry Goods and Country Store has operated from the building for nearly three decades. The outlet reports that the business owners, Richard and Kathy Miller, often hear stories from employees and visitors about a little girl wearing a white dress. 

The Millers allegedly told the outlet that pictures and objects move about mysteriously. Visitors of the upstairs museum that previously housed the funeral home reportedly feel as if they aren’t alone. 

Ghostbusters who’ve visited the site claim the unexplained activities are connected to the Lawson family murders. Based on the North Carolina filming location, the showrunners picked excellent locations to film the series. However, it went downhill from there. 

The flickering lights, secretive radio messages, conversations about mysterious energy, and furniture flailing around unconvincingly do little to convince viewers of alleged transcendental activities. 

The cast’s performances are also very shoddy, making the show seem like a satire rather than a series about the paranormal.