Simply put: GigaChad is the perfect physical specimen of a man. He has a square jawline, chiseled cheekbones, abs to die for, a lush head of hair, a shaped beard, and a sculpted body. To top it off, GigaChad has a perfectly symmetrical body – he puts men’s swimwear models to shame. 

The idea of a hypermasculine man appeared on 4chan, a loosely regulated image-based bulletin board. Users posted photos of GigaChad on the site, claiming that the perfect man wasn’t just an idea; he was real. 

GigaChad is most like the CGI production made from photos of a real person

Artist Krista Sudmalis, aka Sleek’N’Tears, created and released photos of GigaChad. The pictures are likely CGI productions of an actual model who Krista works with. 

Some claim that the basis of GigaChad is Artur Farad. Others allege that Russian model Ernest Khalimov is GigaChad. 

Thanks to Krista’s heavy editing, it’s impossible to figure out the base model.

Ernest reportedly goes by @berlin.1969 on Instagram, where he identifies himself as a Sleek’N’Tears model. The description also states that the posts are for the GigaChad army.

Incels view GigaChad as the humbler of Chads

Incels have contributed significantly to the popularity of GigaChad as they view him as the humbler of Chads. 

Incels are a community of young men on the internet who lament their inability to attract women and vent out their frustrations by insulting Chads, the internet name for popular, confident, and sexually active males. 

Given incels’ denigration of Chads, you’d expect GigaChad to rank highest on the hate list. However, GigaChad is a friend of incels as he does to Chads what Chads do to incels – he steals their girlfriends. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, so they say. 

“Watching a GigaChad mog a Chad will be the most pleasurable moment of my life,” an incel wrote. “Because in that moment a Chad will truly understand the pain incels go through. He would have to endure the pain and misery of being rejected which we have suffered countless times in our life.”

Given the self-loathing nature of incels, the post ended on a sad note for the incel, with the scorned Chad moving on swiftly with his best friend. 

Incels base their despair on the idea that women are only attracted to the physical characteristics of men. Therefore, the concept of a man or a few men handsome enough to steal women from regular Chads fills them with immense yet temporary satisfaction.