Thanks to The Haves and the Have Nots, Gavin Houston has endeared himself to soap opera lovers worldwide. As one of stars of the OWN hit series, Houston has seen his stock grow massively since his debut in 2013. 

His emotional performances in The Haves and Have Nots have fueled interest in his personal life. Gavin, however, is a tough nut to crack. He guards his private life zealously, making him one of the few celebrities to have successfully avoided tabloid rumors. 

The interest in his sexuality still exists, however. We have done some digging and concluded that Gavin Houston is not gay. 

Gavin plays a gay character in The Haves and the Have Nots, but he is not gay in real life

Jeffrey Harrington

Gavin explores the trials of being a black gay man as Jeffrey Harrington in The Haves and Have Nots. Jeffrey fears that his sexuality and emotional instability will lead to his downfall. To make matters worse, Jeffrey’s mother disapproves of his sexuality. 

Due to Gavin’s secrecy, some have speculated that Gavin is gay in real life. However, the signs indicate that he is not gay. 

In November 2016, he tweeted about having a girlfriend who was into fitness. “My girlfriend started her diet & is looking great,” Gavin wrote. 

He did not reveal the girlfriend’s identity, but in 2018, he posted photos of his vacation with Leigh Lowery. “Enjoying my time with Leigh in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico,” Gavin captioned a picture of the pair sunbathing at a rooftop infinity pool.

Houston posted the photo about a month after Leigh posted a photo of a man kissing her on the cheek. 

Gavin has since deleted the Instagram photo, so it’s unclear whether he and Leigh are still an item. Regardless, the relationship proves that Gavin Houston is not gay.

Gavin has a daughter named Zoey, but the identity of her mother is unknown

Gavin has a daughter named Zoey, who, according to a tweet by Gavin, was 12 in August 2013. She should, therefore, be 20 in August 2021. 

Houston has kept his daughter and the identity of her mother secret.

Despite being fairly active on Instagram, Gavin is yet to post his daughter on social media. He’s also shielded Zoey from paparazzi photos.